I played with a man last weekend

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And that I will shed a number of Mut 21 coins these games regardless of getting three enforcers and a extremely run cease heavy defense which never leaves 3-4 off or 3-4 bear. The beginning of the season is so enjoyable, everyone has dogshit teams and does not have any idea what to do and its a race to acquire decent players and try out different plays/playbooks/schemes etc.. Everyone is running distinct style teams and strategies and every game feels like a fresh adventure. Even solos aren't helpless since the game is fresh and new.

Everyone has god squads and games are so one dimensional, you elongate and qb blast and out course and then I stretch and blast and out-route but whoever gets enforcer fumbled first loses unless their enforcers could force a fumble next drive. This shit is just wack. 100% of teams have three enforcers that are essentially human minefields you have to prevent for dear life and I dont blame themI do too cause if you dont you'll get your a$hole hb stretched into oblivion. See you afterwards till the first few months of MUT Madden 21 maybe likely not cause I cant help myself additionally yet that is a shitpost.

Dude you just put my precise feelings. No I am not the best Madden player in the world, and like you I am really okay losing. And if you're lucky enough to stop these guys throw selections every toss. I don't hate losing, it is only once you shed from pure exploits. Everyone's answer is: well just do it back... but that is not fun. I will not do it. I will confess and respect a loss to a fantastic opponent who outplays me to the win, not someone who has one play and is like"okay if he can discontinue this one play, I will run a different unstoppable play over and over until he could stop it, and then another one" Just like bro how can this even fun for you to enjoy not even have a strategy for or authentic challenge for yourself. How is there some pride in these wins.

I played with a man last weekend; legit conducted jet sweep every single play. No matter my defensive scheme I couldn't stop it. He could take it straight up the middle every time if I actually contained the exterior. He'd legit a $1000+ group. I found him on here since he had the same identification, and commented about I am glad you spent so much upgrading your team simply to exploit the match and use 1 play. He tried calling me out saying I"ran cheese run and pass plays the he couldn't cease" and I was like. You mean that I mixed up pass and my run anticipating what you might think I'm likely to run. Like an ACTUAL SHEME? He just said"you're shit for cheap Madden nfl 21 coins not having the ability to stop my drama". Those are the games which make this unplayable.