It does not need to be a brand new idea to be a fantastic idea

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It does not need to be a brand new idea to be a fantastic idea

You OSRS haters are only mad lmao. Osrs doesn't make new ideas. They take an present idea and putting it somewhere else, exactly how the RS gold rs3 team has done with this. A construction contract is merely exactly like a slayer contract along with farming contract. No original thoughts everywhere.

Taking good ideas in the other match is smart. The issue is the implementation. Osrs group produced a minigame, rs3 group created yet more mtx.

Osrs does absolutely not make fresh ideas

It does not need to be a brand new idea to be a fantastic idea. You know what we do , however? We've got polls for what material comes into our match. The player base gets to pick. We don't have egregious microtransactions. And have you even visited Zeah? And no I have not done that because I do not like osrs. So you say OSRS does not have any new ideas. . However, you haven't played literally any of the original content they've made?

But please move tell me original content osrs came up with, since frankly all updates I see are ripped straight out of RS3, Zeah = Menaphos, Raids = dungeoneering, Soul Wars, a carbon copy of Darkmeyer with half the lore, Pegasians, Primordials and Eternals are Glacor boots, imbued heart = Vecna Skull, Blood amulet of Fury, Boss slayer master = Reaper task. But go on about"each of the initial content". We included 3 new skills, enormous parts of lore, made smithing better, but please go on about so called first content.

If our Zeah is already your Menophos, what will you say when Menophos gets brought in? How is ToB anything such as Dungeoneering? Each of the Kourend quests, as well as Wintertodt are new. Fossil island? And you have 24 devs to our 8, so yes, it needs to be expected you have more new content. But to say everything we have is ripped from RS3 is just ignorant of the game itself.

To be fair the new OSRS system does not look interesting to me whatsoever (it is just like the gnome food deliveries), but I enjoy that portables permit you to chat with others.

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