Almost made me only change my mind about RuneScape

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Yeah people underestimate just how op those items are. I got 75 summoning to OSRS gold a brand new ironman just afking the christmas summoning xp thing. I have a buddy who got 96ish summoning on his hardcore that way. Crazy. I am still under the view that those seasonal events should have never been accessible by ironmen.

It is what takes away the entire game mode for me and yes I know I will"choose" not to partake in these events myself but the simple fact that the ethics on a mode that literally defines"ethics" has that taken away from it, is quite honestly disappointing.Completely agree. I recall when I first began my ironman I had been watching some guy on youtube log his progress. And when one entire video was just him talking about AFK'ing to like 75 construction on ironman I was blown away that was even available. Almost made me just change my mind about starting one.

Ended up creating one anyways and just avoid the events like the plague. But it seems terrible to even know that it may be done.Friend of mine IIRC went to something in the assortment of 85-90 structure from the shore event from a minimal level. My ironmans 90 dg scarcely did any POH stuff, 90 dung without EDs or actual dung.Only did it for ports access for whenever its members, so that I could eventually get access to this armour and weapons.

Does not help when you replace every Jmod that was passionate about the sport with new people who just exist to make a profit. Passion creates more profit when it comes to gambling than making your entire goal gain. Only look at Call of Duty. We're basically that now.I was joking, but its very telling of a skill when even when the xp prices are poopoo people mass flock to it and its likely the most convenient means to level it on a iron given it's resourceless.

I, however, can afk it all weekend while performing other crap. By that logic this mobile is crap b/c you can not afk prawnbrokers using it. You are still able to get 99 in a reasonable timeframe utilizing the portables. Beach event material isn't only half optimal xp or something, it's like 20-25% at best.

Training the skill with higher EXP rates out of your home the proper way, and then you construct the true home parts after you are the right level. HOUSE THEMES are must possess ++++. Priffdinas, Dwarven, Holiday, All the Gods, All the Biomes (Daemonheim, Desert, Freminik, etc). This is more of an expansion into the already in place walls and flooring option. Personally I would be 100 percent with Structure being a cash sink little to no practical use in the sport. The house itself can do with functionality. Let us move the furniture around and create a home. If we're afforded the choice at least to be liberated and appreciate it as a house then I believe that would be a happy medium. You gotta give it use or performance because as it stands it is a waste of money and runescape gold 2007 that I only leveled it for to Prif.